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We are Eco-Friendly / We are sustainable

As a clothing brand, we have always set out to surround ourselves with major specialists of the sector who, with their knowledge and experience, create unique, exclusive, top-quality garments.

From the first sketch, through the first stitch and up to the placing of the label, Fokkers seeks excellence, to create a unique collection.

All of this would be impossible without the workshops located in Spain and Portugal with which we work, supporting fair trade and local production.

– Materials used

All our garments are of high quality and we use the best combed cotton in our production, combined with other fabrics to enable you to dress with great comfort.

Furthermore, every garment is washed in our factory, to prevent the appearance of subsequent imperfections when you receive your shirt, T-shirt or polo shirt.

– Design

Our collection is designed and made so that when you wear our garments you feel comfortable and they fit you “like a glove”. When creating each design, we take every factor into account, applying the experience of our design and patterning team.

– Packaging

You will receive your order in a 100% recycled Kraft cardboard box, fully disinfected and following all the health and hygiene measures, owing to the current situation.

At Fokkers, we fight for a cleaner and more sustainable planet, aiming to leave a legacy of a better planet.

We invite you to reuse the box or, otherwise, to take it to the nearest recycling bank.